Selah Global

Selah Global™ is a multi-currency finances solution that will simplify your life and quickly become “myFinancesProgram” to you!

Version 4.3 was released 12/3/16.  Please watch  What's New or Has Changed in Version 4.3? for a high-level overview of the new features in version 4.3, as compared to prior versions.  If you didn’t think Selah Global was the right program for you previously, you may change your mind because it is now simpler and more intuitive!  Watch the new Using Selah Global as a Basic Finances Program tutorial.

If you have a prior version and need the upgrader file, please contact me.

If you are registered with Gospel Trust Canada, Gospel Perpetuating Foundation, or Truth & Tidings USA, please contact me prior to making a purchase if you have not already heard from me or the agency.

Purchase the PC version (PayPal only) – Requires Windows 7, 8.1, or 10

Purchase the Mac version (PayPal only) – 

Requires Mac OX 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), or 10.14 (Mojave) – use the version below if you are still using 10.11 (El Capitan) – NOTE: The installer .dmg file has the name “Mojave_SelahGlobal_ver4_25_MacInstaller” but it is in fact for version 4.3.

Requires Mac OX 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12 (Sierra), or 10.13 (High Sierra) – contact me if you are using an OS prior to 10.11

The  user's guide is integrated into the program, but the most current version (pdf file) is always available here.  (Last updated 12/3/16).

Selah Global Version History

Please watch the video tutorials linked below to help you understand the program.

Using Selah Global as a Basic Finances Program (14:49 minutes; released 12/2/16)

What's New or Has Changed in Version 4.3? (13:13 minutes; released 12/2/16)

Selah Global Installation and Setup (14:34 minutes; updated 12/9/16)

What is a Scenario? (9:18 minutes; released 6/30/15)

Agency Mappings (5:27 minutes; updated 12/2/16)

Managing Multiple Ministries and Vehicles (3:51 minutes; released 6/20/15)

Donor Setup, Imports, and Merges (12:15 minutes; released 8/6/15)

Donor Acknowledgements (13:00 minutes; updated 8/14/15)

Using the Trip and Mileage Logs (7:33 minutes; released 8/14/15)

Preparing Agency Reports (23:53 minutes; updated 12/2/16)

Keeping Track of Funds Received for a Specific Purpose (12:28 minutes; released 12/2/16)

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You may still be wondering what the features of Selah Global are or questioning whether it is worth your time and effort to learn a new program.  If so, please keep reading…

Will Selah Global work in multiple currencies?

Yes!  Multiple (unlimited) currencies is one of the main features of Selah Global.  You will use one exchange rate per month for each currency.  The rates can be automatically looked up within the program if you sign-up for a Forever Free App ID from

Is Selah Global better than QuickBooks, and why?

Thousands of programming hours have been invested in the QuickBooks software and it has many features that Selah Global does not have.  Your objectives will determine whether Selah Global is the correct solution for you.  One of the primary features in QuickBooks that Selah Global does not support is looking up your bank account or credit card account information from the Internet.

The primary features of Selah Global that may make it “myFinancesProgram” for you are:

  •  Accommodates multiple (unlimited) currencies.  All transactions are input in the actual currency and then converted to the base currency for summary and reporting purposes.  When preparing reports for agencies, all the transactions selected to report as converted to the currency the agency requires.
  • Custom reporting to multiple agencies based on doing data entry once.  Input a transaction once with a “data entry subcategory” and report it multiple times to various agencies with differing “reporting subcategories” as per the agency’s required reporting structure.  The “reporting subcategories” are oftentimes more generic that the “data entry subcategories.”
  • Comply with reporting restrictions of the various agencies due to the flexibility of the reporting module.
  • Trip Log to summarize the overall expenses and miles driven for a particular trip to help you with budgeting in future years.
  • Mileage Log (integrated with the Trip Log) to keep track of your overnight lodging location(s) and daily mileage.
  • All expense transactions can be tagged to a vehicle (as well as the ODO and gas liters or gallons) to be able to summarize them across all expense subcategories for a particular trip or time period.
  • All expense transactions can be tagged to a work to be able to summarize them across all expense subcategories for a particular time period.
  • Import donors from an existing spreadsheet (or certain other file types) so you don’t have to manually re-enter them all.
  • Revenue acknowledgements tracking to help ensure you say “thank you” to those that support you.  The body of your acknowledgment letter can be stored within the program so you can quickly look back to it in the future.
  • Keep track of other income streams, such as income rental property, and keep the related expenses separate.
  • Reporting scenarios that allow you to quickly begin using a new expense structure if there is a major change in your reporting requirements, and to not have to start all over.
  • Selah Global currently requires a one-time low purchase price in comparison with many of the tools that have a monthly subscription fee.  Many of the other tools available that accommodate multiple currencies are quite expensive over time.

Is Selah Global for Macs?

Yes, Selah Global will work on both Macs and PCs.  If at any point you want to change from Mac to PC, or PC to Mac, the data can easily be converted.

Can I take pictures of receipts and attach them within Selah Global? 

Yes, you can import one or multiple images or receipts for expense transactions.

Is Selah Global an online program?

No, Selah Global is not currently an online program.  I am considering whether to add synchronization or online/cloud functionality in the next major release.  If you have a preference, or would be strongly opposed to Selah Global becoming an online / cloud-based program, please contact me with that feedback.

Are there video tutorials to help me figure out how to use Selah Global?

Yes, video tutorials are available from the links above.  As new ones are completed, a download link will be emailed to all the activated users and will also be posted on this webpage.

Is Selah Global user friendly?  (I’m a pretty simple guy/gal…)

Yes, I believe that the program is user friendly based on the testimonials received over the years.  As with all new programs, you will need to familiarize yourself with Selah Global when you first get started.  If you find an aspect that is confusing, please contact me.