About Me

My name is Sarah Bruley.  I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Spanish minor.  I enjoyed working in internal audit (financial and IT) after graduation until the door opened a couple years later to return to our family business, Stickfort Electric (an electrical contractor).  While working for Stickfort Electric, I developed my FileMaker programming skills by rewriting a comprehensive integrated solution for them.  I have several other programs that are being used worldwide.  I am a FileMaker Certified Developer for versions 9 and 13-18. I spoke on the topic “Building Security with a Blueprint” at the 2018 FileMaker Developer’s conference in Grapevine, Texas.

I worked with the talented team at Skeleton Key, based in St. Louis, Missouri for nearly two years, leaving in April 2021 due to life changes. The team at Skeleton Key can meet your needs for a new solution much better than I can currently, so please use the contact information on their website to get in touch!

When I am not working on the computer, I enjoy working in the kitchen (entertaining and trying new foods/recipes), playing the piano, going for a walk, ice skating, and going to the municipal band concerts in the park.  I also enjoy spending time with my husband & son, family, friends, and my Sunday school students, whether that is in the U.S. or Mexico.